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Product Design & Development

       We have a mature industrial product designer, CAD drawer and mould manufacturer. We have provided services for large commercial companies from Zdea to the development of mature products.Customers provide our customers with ideas and requirements. We will design product structure according to customer requirements, select the best solution according to similar products, and make industrial design drawings.

       After the confirmation of the 3D model customers, we will manufacture and debug the parts purchased from the mould, and use the mould to produce and test the products.

       After the practicability test, the products will be tested. It is confirmed by customers that it is to produce a batch of products for sale.Until the product comes out, facing the market.

       We will strictly implement confidentiality agreements, protect the interests of customers, and we will transparently implement the customer, the results of each stage will be delivered to the customer, the customer will decide the implementation of each stage.

       Conventional product logo customization, export customization, packaging design and packaging design are also in the scope of service, we use details and creativity to help your ideas become real.


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